A Comprehensive Guide to the Best Doughnuts in NYC

Looking for the best doughnuts in NYC for National Doughnut Day? We've got you covered. Whether you're craving light and fluffy pastry-like doughnuts or dense cake doughnuts, New York City and Brooklyn have it all. There are innovative flavors like Pistachio Pink Lemonade from the newly opened Du's Doughnuts or more traditional flavors like the Donut Pub's chocolate sprinkle. New York is filled with sweet spots including some stores that have been serving up doughnuts for generations. Here is a comprehensive guide to the best doughnut shops in NYC. 

1. The Doughnut Project - Greenwich Village

The Doughnut Project makes small batch yeast doughnuts, which basically means they have put a lot of care into each doughnut and don't mass produce them. If you like fluffy, doughy doughnuts, then this shop is for you. They are known for their "Everything doughnut" that mimics the everything bagel and "The Bacon Maple Bar". However, the shop owners Troy and Leslie believe in mixing things up and experimenting with flavors. They constantly mix up the menu and offer doughnut series so you can taste things like Blueberry Parsnip.  


2. Doughnut Plant - Flatiron & Lower East

If you love jam-filled doughnuts, Doughnut plant should be your first stop. They developed a special square doughnut to ensure that you can taste the filling in each bite. Flavors for the square doughnut include mouth-watering ones like Blackberry jam and peanut butter and coconut cream. All of their jams are made in-house to ensure high quality. The Doughnut Plant also has yeast doughnuts and dense cake doughnuts like the Brooklyn Blackout, a chocolate cake doughnut filled with chocolate pudding and dipped in chocolate glaze with cake crumbs on top! 


3. The Donut Pub - Chelsea

The Donut Pub first opened it's doors to New Yorkers in 1964 and has been serving up traditional donuts ever since! This is the only doughnut shop in the city that is open 24 hours a day, Seven Days a week. It's perfect for your morning pick-me-up, or your late night drunk feast. Founder, Buzzy Geduld, succeeded in crafting the perfect traditional doughnuts, twists and and doughnut holes. If you're a plain glazed or sprinkles lover, head here. 

Image from  Alex Guernashelli

4. Dough Doughnuts - Chelsea

Sink your teeth into a Dough doughnut and life will never be the same. The shop creates small batches throughout the day so no matter what time you go for a doughnut run, you'll always be served fresh, huge doughnuts. Founded in 2010 by Chef Fany Gerson, the small shop in Chelsea is designed with a view into the back kitchen to see the process of making doughnuts from scratch. Try their Hibiscus, Toasted Coconut or Mocha Almond Crunch. 


5. Peter Pan Donut & Pastry Shop - Greenpoint

A landmark in the New York Donut scene, Peter Pan Donuts has been serving up fresh doughnuts to loyal customers for over 62 years. Donna Siafakas and her husband Christos run the shop with their sons, crafting "classic" doughnuts using the same recipe for over 60 years.  Unlike a lot of the other doughnut shops, they pride themselves on "unfussy" doughnuts, offering up traditional and delicious flavors like sour cream, chocolate and sugar. Their most popular flavor is the Red Velvet Doughnut. 

Image by  NY Daily

Image by NY Daily

6. Du's Donuts - Greenpoint

The newest kid on the block, Du's Donuts opened on April 26th serving up fresh cake donuts with crazy flavors like Grapefruit Chamomile.  Wylie Dufresne, head chef and owner, a well-respected chef in the - left Adler - opened up Du's to craft his great grandfather, Wallace Dufresne, practiced at Ever Good Donut Shop in Central Falls, Rhode Island more than six decades ago.


7. Broad Street Dough Co. - New Jersey or Order On-line

This one isn't in the city or Brooklyn, but we had to include it on our list because their doughnuts are incredible and if you don't want to make the trip to Jersey, you can order them online. Run by a friendly and energetic woman, Des, and her amazing staff, the shop is always rolling out new flavors of doughnuts including Vegan and Gluten-Free. With over twenty flavors on the menu daily plus different specials, Broad Street Dough Co is the definition of limitless. Try their famous triple layer doughnuts or keep it old school with a classic oreo.


8. Underwest Donuts - Hell's Kitchen

The speak-easy of doughnut shops, Underwest Doughnuts is located in a carwash on the West Side Highway.  Owners Orlee and Scott work hard to offer up delicious and unique cake doughnuts. Unlike traditional yeast doughnuts, cake doughnuts enable the team to be creative with the dough and the frosting, drawing flavor from both. Try out maple waffle, brown butter or halva.


9. Dun-Well Doughnuts - Lower East Side & Williamsburg

The first all-vegan doughnut shop started with the Simpsons... Yes, you read correctly, Christopher Hollowell, the "Well" in Dun-Well, called his friend Dan Dunbar, the "Dun", after watching an episode of the Simpsons where the famous pink sprinkle doughnut was shown over and over again. 


10. Sullivan Street Bakery - Hell's Kitchen

Sullivan Street Bakery makes the list for one doughnut: the bombolini. After one bite, most people agree that Jim Lahey's Bombolini is a contender for one of the best doughnuts in NYC. It has a sweet crusty outside, light airy inside and thick vanilla, jam or chocolate filling. (Go for the chocolate!) 

11. Leske's Bakery - Bay Ridge & Park Slope

An iconic Brooklyn bakery, Leske's has been making baked goods since 1961. With traditional Scandinavian and Danish pastries, it comes as no surprise that the doughnuts Leske's bakery makes are pretty darn tasty. A good one to go for is the cinnamon twist doughnut. 

Image from  Leske's

Image from Leske's

12. Orwasher's - Upper East Side & Upper West Side

Jelly Doughnut lovers, this is your spot! Founded in 1916 by a Hungarian family, Orwasher's is a traditional style bakery that carries stories, recipes and treats passed down from generations. While they offer a lot of different baked goods, the only doughnut they have is an airy, sugar topped jelly doughnut. Their focus on this one doughnut means they do it well. 

Image from  Orwasher's

Image from Orwasher's

13. Grace Street - NoMad

Not your typical doughnut shop, Grace Street is an Asian dessert and coffee shop that serves delicious Korean style doughnuts, the Ho-Dduk. Ho-Dduk's are small little yeast dough pockets filled with brown sugar cinnamon and walnuts. If you're looking for a simple, yet delicious take on doughnuts, head here. You can eat one alone or have them served with ice cream!

Image by  Serious Eats

Image by Serious Eats

14. Mike's Donut's - Bay Ridge

Mike and his wife Christina have been making doughnuts at Mike's Doughnut shop since 1976. The shop churns out traditional flavors like chocolate and vanilla sprinkled as well as yummy cruller's. The doughnuts are relatively inexpensive compared to some places. Make sure to get there early so they don't sell out! 

Image by  NY Daily

Image by NY Daily

15. The Doughnuttery - Chelsea

Head to The Doughnuttery in Chelsea Market for a fun experience and yummy doughnuts. At this tiny little shop, you can watch the doughnuts be made right in front of your eyes. They have a tiny machine that pumps little rings of dough into the fryer right in front of you. The Doughnuttery's bite size doughnuts are then topped with flavored sugars and served fresh. Try their signature 'Cacaoboy', a combo of cacao nibs, chocolate cookies and mesquite, or the 'Flower Power', a mix of hibiscus, honey and rose petals. Enjoy them while they're hot! 


With so many sweet options to choose from, you can't go wrong! Grab some friends and head out into the city on June 2nd to taste the best doughnuts of New York City. Let us know what your favorites are!