If You Only Eat One Dessert in Copenhagen, Let it be this...

Copenhagen has been labeled the most happy city in the world, and for good reason. Not only is there beautiful scenery with the waterfronts and the infamous Nyhavn canal with beautiful shops and painted color buildings, attractive and well dressed men and women, but also, the ultimate sweet lover's dessert: a Belgian waffle from Vaffelbageren

Vaffelbageren is a cute little shop situated right in the touristy part of the Nyhavn Canal with a smell of sugar that flows through the shop and hovers in the air outside. Watch while your mouth waters as a young employee puts fresh dough into the waffle machine and presses down making a fresh Belgian waffle that is crispy on the outside and doughy in the middle. Their waffle recipe has existed since the 1920's and to this day remains a "secret". 

Although a waffle sounds like it may be enough, a trip to Vaffelbageren is not complete without adding their ice cream and homemade marshmallows to top the waffle off. 



Enjoy the overly sweet dessert outside in the sun, sitting on the side of the Nyhavn Canal. It's the perfect place to study the throngs of people that stroll by, watch boats come in and out, listen to live music and enjoy the lovely energy of the happiest city on earth.