5 Fall Doughnuts that Make Saying Goodbye to Summer a Little Easier

September showed up quickly this year. And while saying goodbye to summer sixteen is hard, fall is waiting with all sorts of delicious treats and activities. Broad Street Dough Co. has combined their creative brainpower to create an array of doughnuts that have "fall" written all over them. Check out the list, they might just be worth the drive to Jersey!


1.     Apple Cider Doughnuts: for plain janes and sweettooth's alike. Dense apple cider flavored cake doughnuts smothered in sugar. 

2.     Big Apple Broad: A  step up flavor-wise from the apple cider doughnut. For those who love fruity desserts and the cinnamon flavor of apple pie. A heaping pile of apples and syrup on an apple cider doughnut.

3.     Cinnamon Toast Crunch: Forget coo-coo for coco puffs and go crazy for these cinnamon toast crunch doughnuts. Laden with cerreal and drizzled with chocolate for an extreme, rich mouthful in every bite. 


4.     Pumpkin Cream Cheese: Pumpkin pie lovers and carvers, this ones for you! Plain pumpkin cake doughnut with a spoonful of thick, sweet cream cheese on top. 

5.     Caramel Apple: For those who like to lick their fingers for every last crumb. Sticky caramel frosting with chopped peanuts on an apple doughnut.


Fall Inspired Doughnut Flavors are the best. From cheesecake to apple cider, these doughnuts from Broadstreet Dough Co are so delicious you'll no doubt be back for more!