3 Raaka Chocolate Bars that Will Surprise Your Tastebuds

After visiting the Raaka Chocolate factory in Red Hook, Brooklyn, I began to understand that chocolate can come in many more flavors than most people think. Creating a delicious chocolate bar is a science and an art. Raaka continuously works towards crafting new and explosive chocolate bar flavors using un-roasted cacao beans and adding ingredients to draw out their natural flavors.  The majority of cacao that non-chocolate snobs consume is roasted and mixed with cacao butter and sugar to provide a smooth, sweet treat. However, by roasting the cacao and using so many additives, the original cacao flavor often is lost. Raaka strives to keep those original flavors the cacao bean offers and use them as a springboard to create chocolate bars that will surprise and please your palate. What flavor would you want to try? 

Cacao beans have a greater range of flavors than “chocolate”. Some don’t taste “chocolate-ty” at all. So we take a different approach: make chocolate that preserves the complex and surprising flavors of the cacao beans we start with, and create an adventurous and novel chocolate tasting experience.
— www.raakachocolate.com

1. Apple Pie

Jump into fall with this delightful apple pie bar that tastes like you're biting into a fresh baked apple pie. Made with cacao sourced from Öko Caribe cooperative for its clove and allspice notes, Raaka added cinnamon, nutmeg, vanilla and then actual apples to secure a flavor very similar to the well-known american dessert. The final touch is the gluten-free graham crackers crumbled on top! This bar is part of the limited edition first nibs bars. 


2. Smoked Chai

Using the pinewood flavor of cacao from the Alto Beni Cacao Company in Bolivia, Raaka builds a smokey chai chocolate bar by mixing in Lapsang Souchong tea from Lapu Mountain. The black tea comes from south-east China and draws the pinewood flavor to the front while adding a smokey chai after taste that is perfect for Winter time snuggles. 

3. Bourbon Cask Aged

The Bourbon Cask Aged takes cacao beans from Maya Mountain in Belize, breaks them into cacao nibs and then ages them in Berkshire Mountain Distilling barrels for four weeks. It is the first bar to use beans aged in bourbon casks, enabling them to soak up the flavors of the bourbon that still sits in the oak barrels. Once properly aged, Raaka grinds the beans, adding in maple and cane sugar. Take a bite, and you might feel like you're also taking a sip. 

Raaka Chocolate continuously launches new flavors and experiments with beans from all over the world! Try out some of their bars today. They are one of the best, most friendly bean-to-bar chocolate makers I've ever met!