Top 5 Most Unique Lattes in New York

They say New York is the city that never sleeps. Just like food, there are many creative coffee shops that offer delicious and innovative caffeine experiences to keep the city bustling. Whether it's the 4 a.m runner getting a workout before heading to the office or a group of friends stumbling about at 1 a.m after a night of dancing at the latest club opening, NYC is alive with energy. So, it’s only fitting that the NYC is filled with the most unique caffeine experiences around the country. Here are the top 5 most creative and unique lattes in New York City and Brooklyn: 

1. The Coffee Project NY - East Village

Have you ever tried a deconstructed latte?  A deconstructed latte is a three-glass flight of the components from your favorite afternoon pick me up drink.  In the first glass is rich espresso, next comes steamed milk which is pasteurized at a lower temperature to give it an extra sweet taste, and finally the oh-so-delicious finished latte. This flight is also accompanied by tonic water to cleanse your palate after each component. The reason they break it down is so you can taste each piece of the finished latte separately; you first taste the strong espresso flavor and afterwards the hint of sweetness from the milk hits your taste buds. It's a coffee drinkers paradise, from the exquisite taste of the espresso to the education about the product from the waiter!

Image by contributor  Alexa Stufano

Image by contributor Alexa Stufano

2. Cup & Cup - Midtown East

Next let’s travel to Midtown East for a taste of the Red Velvet Latte at Cup & Cup. This cozy restaurant serves up a deliciously pink latte adorned with a happy bear portrait or beautiful flower decoration. It's almost too adorable to drink! This latte had a nice creamy texture and a sweet flavor. We were afraid it would be too sweet, but it was actually just right. Make sure to bring some money because this place is cash only.

Image from  Yelp

Image from Yelp

3. Blue Stone Lane - Financial District (and many others)

Is it possible to make a 'healthy' latte? Try out the Beet Latte at the Australian Coffee Shop, Blue Stone Lane, to see what you think. Just like the Red Velvet latte, this drink was a bright pink concoction, except it was more on the healthy side. The latte is made from powdered beats and almond milk. If you’re looking for a caffeine boost, this latte is not the way to go, since it contains no caffeine but it is said to decrease stress and contain antioxidants. The latte had a very light and sweet beet taste with a hint of toasted almond flavor. It was a very unique flavor that takes some getting used to. 

Image from  Spoon University  

Image from Spoon University 

4. Budin Cafe - Greenpoint

The Budin caffe is a darling little shop in Greenpoint that offers a Licorice latte. This Licorice flavored latte has been dubbed the most expensive espresso drink in NYC ringing in at $10! The reason for the price is their ingredients. The beans are grown in Ethiopia and are roasted in Norway. The Anise syrup and licorice powder are from Denmark. It was truly unlike any latte I’ve ever had. You can taste the rich licorice flavor with a hint of mint as an aftertaste. It takes a little getting used to, but is definitely worth trying. 

Image from  Souvenir Finder

Image from Souvenir Finder

5. The End - Williamsburg

My final destination, might be the most talked about latte, the Unicorn Latte at The End in Williamsburg. The End is actually suing Starbucks for copying their signature latte. This was by far the prettiest latte, with a light blue color adorned with colorful sprinkles (some come with edible flowers). It doesn’t have caffeine but contains E3 which has energy boosting qualities. In addition to E3, it has cold pressed lemon juice, honey, maqui berry, honey, cayenne, steamed coconut milk, and water. If you're looking for a coffee drink this might not be for you, but if you are fan of healthy juices, it might be right up your alley! 

Image from  Buzzfeed

Image from Buzzfeed

Coffee shops are pushing the limits with their drinks. There are dessert lattes, healthy lattes and even unicorn latte's that are supposed to help you feel magical. The city that never sleeps is fueled by the little coffee shops and their flavorful, unique latte’s. 

Article by contributor Alexa Stufano