5 Best Bakeries for Hamantaschen in NYC

Delicious Hamantaschen to celebrate Purim is a must. It turns out that there are a lot of great spots to pick up fresh, homemade Hamantaschen in each neighborhood throughout New York City. Whether you're celebrating the fun Jewish holiday or not, I recommend trying these treats. Each bakery adds their own twist to the traditional recipe and it's fun to see which rendition is your favorite. 

What is Hamantaschen?

Hamantaschen are triangle shaped pastries made during the celebration of Purim. They are traditionally filled with poppy seeds, but over the years many bakers have created recipes with fruit, chocolate and other fillings. For those non-jewish chocolate and sweets lovers, Purim is "one of the most joyous and fun holidays on the Jewish calendar [commemorating] a time when the Jewish people living in Persia were saved from extermination" according to Judaism 101. The day is filled with costumes, gift baskets and Hamantaschen! For more information on the history and meaning behind the Jewish pastry, check out this site here

Where to find the best Hamantaschen in New York City?

1. Seed + Mill - Chelsea

Hidden inside Chelsea Market, Seed + Mill has created a recipe for Hamantaschen made with their infamous Halva: Halvatashen! In collaboration with chef Lior Lev Sercarz, the pair crafted a new spin on this traditional treat using Dough made from chickpea flour and sesame and filling the inside with tahini and poppy seed. There are 13 Hamentashen in each jar available at Seed + Mill now!

2. Orwasher's Bakery - Upper East Side

What began as a small storefront established by a Hungarian family in 1916, has turned into a well-known bakery empire. Although known for it's bread, Orwasher's sells a variety of breakfast pastries including Hamentashen filled with fruit (apricot or raspberry). 

Photo from  Hungry Couple NYC

3. Breads Bakery - Union Square

Breads's offers a wide variety of hamantaschen in both sweet and savory flavors. With everything from the traditional poppy seed to caramelized onions to chocolate, they have something for everyone. Their chocolate hamantaschen tastes like a condensed version of a chocolate croissant - it's delicious! If you don't live in the city, you can order online and Breads will ship them right to you.



4. Hungarian Pastry Shop - Upper West Side

Tucked up and away near Columbia University, the Hungarian Pastry shop is a hip, dark little shop that sells handmade pastries. They offer a unique flavor, the spiced walnut Hamantaschen that pairs perfectly with a cup of tea. 

Photo from  My Jewish Learning

5. Isaac's Bakeshop - Midland, Brooklyn

Offering a variety of freshly baked traditional Jewish baked goods like challah rolls, kichlach and kokosh, this bakery has a 25-foot long display case of goodies. Known for their homey atmosphere and customer service, they have a loyal customer base that vouch for their hamantaschen as the best!

Photo from Serious Eats 

Photo from Serious Eats 

There are so many great spots for Hamantaschen around the city. Try a few different bakeries to see which one is your favorite!