Top 5 Tremendous Ube Desserts in New York City

Ube is here and theses top five delicious dessert spots in New York City are serving it out left and right. Have you spotted a bright purple color in your instagram feed or on the internet lately? This might be one of the many Ube flavored desserts that are popping up! The unique color of this purple yam is being incorporated into many desserts around the city. Now, you can find ube ice cream, ube doughnuts, ube cake, pancakes and more. 

What is Ube? 

Ube, pronounced (OO-BAE), is a purple yam or sweet potato that is used through some Asian countries, especially in the Phillipines. While on the outside it's a underwhelming gray color, the inside of ube is actually a bright purple. Many chefs have incorporated ube powder or jam into their baked goods and treats for a while, however the vibrant color has been appearing more and more in desserts throughout the United States.


What does Ube Taste Like?

My first encounter with Ube was at Soft Swerve, an ice cream spot listed below. The flavor is hard to pin down and it surprised me at first. After a few bites, I decided that it tasted more towards the vanilla side of the spectrum and almost had an airy, light flavor to it. Many compare the flavor to Taro, which I would say to be an accurate comparison. However, it definitely has it's own flavor that is distinct from the taro root. Some people have even described the purple yam's flavor as floral

Whether you are intrigued by the color or interested in trying out this new flavor, here are the top five places to try out this new trend! 

1. Soft Swerve

Located on the Lower East side, Soft Swerve serves 4 main flavors of ice cream, including Ube! Choose a black chocolate or red cinnamon cone, choose between Matcha, Vanilla, Ube, Black Sesame or a twist. Colorful and flavorful!


2. New Territories NYC

Known for it's "Unicorn Parade Milkshake" with vanilla ice cream, ube, pocky sticks, marshmallows and more, this small shop on Orchard Street has been taking over the city. They also offer Hong Kong style waffles and a fun atmosphere. 


3. The Manila Social Club

The name alone leads one to believe there is something exclusive and special about this place, and there is. They have a Golden Cristal doughnut made with Ube, Cristal champagne and topped with 24k pure gold dust and flecks. While this doughnut isn't affordable for everyone ($100!!), they offer a regular Ube flavor that is. 

4. The Buttercup Bakeshop

A midtown gem, the Buttercup Bakeshop offers everything from hand crafted cakes to yes, you guessed it, an ube flavored cupcake. They ship around the country so if you can't make it to New York or don't feel like venturing to midtown, check them out online!

5. China Town Ice Cream Factory

The China Town Ice Cream Factory specializes in unique flavors that other ice cream shops don't offer. They have an Ube flavor among others like Durian, Lychee, Pandan (a Malaysian Leaf), and more. Be adventurous here!

Ube has taken the city by storm and is spreading throughout the United States. This small Filipino purple yam is making big waves. 

Have you tried Ube yet? If so, let us know what you think in the comments!