Where to Find the Best Gluten Free Cupcakes in NYC

The perfect combination of cake and frosting, cupcakes have taken New York City by storm. Even gluten-free cupcakes are popping up around town. There are endless amounts of flavors with some bakers using cupcakes as their platform for exploration and innovation, chasing the best flavor and the prettiest appearance. New York City is arguably one of the most diverse cities in the world and this doesn't stop at it's people and culture, but transfers through to the smallest things including cupcake shops. These shops believe that a good cupcake should be available to anyone, no matter what eating style or dietary restrictions you may have. Here are the top seven gluten-free cupcakes in New York City. 

1. Erin Mckenna's Bakery

Erin Mckenna's Bakery is hidden on the lower east side in a small shop with warm lights in the window and a bench out front. From the pretty pink walls to the helpful staff, Erin Mckenna's reverberates with friendliness. The small shop opened in 2005 with two goals: "1. Create a Bakery free of harmful ingredients and 2. Wear cute uniforms," and depending on your definition of cute, they've succeeded on both fronts. All of the baked goods at Erin Mckenna's are dairy-free, soy-free, egg-free and gluten-free. The sweet flavors come from fresh agave and evaporated palm juice (Vegan sugar). 


2. Tu-Lu's Bakery

When Tully Phillips, founder of Tu-Lu's Bakery, discovered her gluten intolerance in 2008, she was devastated at all of the foods she would have to give up. Determined to create the same treats she loved and make them taste even better than regular cupcakes and cookies, Tu-Lu tested tons of recipes and began experimenting with flavors. In 2010, she opened Tu-Lu's offering up incredible, completely gluten-free treats, including cupcakes. The chocolate cake with chocolate ganache frosting is a must-try. 

Image from  Tu-Lu's Bakery

Image from Tu-Lu's Bakery

3. Clementine Bakery

Brooklyn based Clementine Bakery is not only a great spot to find mouthwatering gluten free cupcakes, but the small shop also has a friendly vibe. They love being a part of the neighborhood and have built a welcoming bakery that is more of a community than just a place to buy baked goods. All of their treats are dairy-free and made fresh with all-natural, organic ingredients. Plus, gluten free! 

Image from Clementine's

Image from Clementine's

4. Baked By Melissa

The beloved mini cupcakes of NYC made a big update to their menu offering gluten free cupcakes at certain locations and for delivery online. As they say on their website, Melissa wanted to offer 'all of the sweat without the wheat' so that everyone could enjoy these bite-sized sweets. Some of the flavors include Gluten-free Tie-Dye, Gluten Free Caramel and our favorite, the Gluten Free Triple Chocolate FUdge with chocolate cake, fudge stuffing and topped with chocolate icing and a quinoa crunch bar. 

Image from  Baked By Melissa

5. Sprinkles

Sprinkles cupcakes offers a gluten-free version of their most popular cupcake, red velvet with cream cheese frosting. The cupcake shop known in the city for their cupcake ATM has worked hard to create the best Red Velvet cupcake on the market and wanted to make that available to all sweet lovers, even those seeking a gluten-free version. Look for the red 'G' on top! 

Image from  serious eats

Image from serious eats

6. Billy's Bakery

Billy's Bakery has some of the best cupcakes in NYC including their classic Chocolate cupcake filled with chocolate chips and topped with chocolate buttercream. They offer a gluten-friendly version which is just as moist and rich. Billy's makes all of their cupcakes in a common kitchen so even though the GF version is made with gluten-free flour, they recommend the gluten-friendly cupcakes to those who are not diagnosed with Celiac disease. Billy's Bakery has two locations in NYC and are available to order online. Their brick and mortar locations are filled with the smell of sugar, friendly bakers and hand-written menus. Definitely worth a visit!


7. Georgetown Cupcakes

Classic and classy. Georgetown cupcakes has won many New Yorkers over with their flavorful cupcakes and cute decorative toppings. They have a variety of gluten-free and vegan cupcakes so that everyone can enjoy a bite into their rich cake and dense frosting. Similar to Billy's Bakery, they make everything in a common kitchen so it's best to try another spot if you have celiac disease and cannot have even a small trace of flour. 

Image from Monster's and Critics

Image from Monster's and Critics