Where to Find the Most Fantastic Desserts in Barcelona

You don't have to wander far to find fantastic desserts in Barcelona. There are traditional Spanish bakeries, chocolate churros and sweet spots around every corner. The best travels are the indulgent, carefree ones where calories don't count and pure happiness comes from trying new things. 

Barcelona is filled with pastry shops on every corner selling fresh baked goods. They also have specialty shops with delicious hand-crafted chocolate bars, truffles and petite desserts. It seems that Spanish culture is filled with great cooking from shared plates called "Tapas" to delicious drinks and sweet desserts. Good food is engrained in the culture. Whether traveling for the robust night life or rich culture, make sure to adventure to these 5 sweet spots throughout the city. 

1. Chöck :

A hidden little shop gaining a big name. Located right off the main walk of Las Ramblas, Chöck has an amazing array of chocolates including some of the best Cronuts and doughnuts. The hang their doughnuts on a cute little rack behind the counter with wooden pegs. In the window, they show stacks and stacks of thick cronuts topped in fantastic things like large cookies, fruit slices and colorful sprinkles. You can't walk by this little shop without being drawn inside!



2. La Boquería:

Get lost in this market that has been around for hundreds of years. The stalls have everything from cow tongue to cute carved chocolate sailboats. The chocolate and candy stalls have row after row of treats you've never seen before! The best thing to do is go in with an open mind and explore all of the different options. Maybe try a few different types of truffles or chocolates and take them to go as you stroll down to the beach!



3. Brunch & Cake:

A Brooklyn hipster style restaurant in Barcelona. Neat, clean design with simple and flavorful cake and cupcakes. They have multiple shops including one where you do yoga/pilates and then eat a cupcake! Brunch & Cake is known for their dense cakes and cupcakes with thick frosting. My favorite was the oreo or red velvet cake to share with friends!

4. Boldû:

If you feel bad eating gingerbread men, you might feel guilty going here. Boldú is known for their sweet glazed doughnut people. Get one with white chocolate, dark chocolate or they even sell them plain. Boldu also offers other pastries and rich coffee, but you won't be able to walk in without noticing these cute little doughnut people smiling at you. 


5. Mauri:

Oh you fancy, huh? Try a more decadent pastry from this corner shop with brilliant display cases that will make your mouth water. They are an upscale dessert shop with hand-crafted pastries and tiny finger sandwiches to go with tea. Each cake, tart or treat is delicately decorated and looks so darling that you might want to snap a picture before digging in. 

6. Petritxol xocoa (BEST Churros):

Last but almost most important on the list is Petritxol. They have everything from homemade muffins to delicious twisted churros dipped in thick chocolate. This is a must-try sweet stop while in Barcelona. The chocolate that they serve the churros with is extremely thick. It's almost like dipping the churros in fudge. Don't get lost twisting through the small streets of Las Ramblas. 


I used to wander the city for hours searching for the best chocolate croissants or a new pastry I've never seen before. In the mornings, the streets are filled with the smell of fresh baked bread and sugar. If you follow your nose, you'll end up somewhere exciting! Barcelona is filled with sweet spots and delicious candy, pastries, and desserts. Check out these top dessert places in Barcelona for a delicious treat!