Where to go for the Best Desserts in Boston?

The best desserts in Boston range from a creamy scoop of ice cream to delicious hand-crafted pastries. Follow your sweet tooth through this amazing city filled with history and discover incredibly delicious treats along the way. Every store offers something unique and full of flavor to satisfy even the biggest dessert critiques. We explored Boston one chocolate spot at a time looking for the very best desserts and here’s what we came up with: 

1. Tatte Bakery & Cafe- Best Baked Goods

Tatte, a small pastry shop that began at the Boston Farmer’s market, now has five locations in the Boston area. Tzurit Or, Tatte’s founder and self-trained pastry chef, along the rest of the team, pride themselves on sourcing only the best ingredients to make fresh baked goods each morning. They offer a variety of cookies, tarts, pastries, cakes, sandwiches and more. Tatte makes everything fresh and believes that each treat should not only taste good, but also look beautiful. Their homemade large biscotti and nutella swirl pastry are our favorites. 


Tatte Bakery & Cafe
70 Charles Street
Boston, MA 02114( 5 other locations) 

2. Union Square Donuts - Soft, Fresh Doughnuts

Union Square is well known around town for a reason. These doughnuts are made fresh in Somerville and then distributed to their storefronts each morning. Each bite is a bite of heaven, soft dough, sweet frosting and an unbelievable combination of flavors for each doughnut. They come in tasty flavors like Maple Bacon and Sea-Salted Bourbon Caramel. The Brown Butter Hazelnut Crunch is one of the most popular doughnuts they offer and was our absolute favorite. Make sure to get there early before they sell out!


Union Square Doughnuts at the Boston Public Market
136 Blackstone Street
Boston, MA 02109  (2 other locations in Brookline & Somerville) 

3. Lincoln Tavern - Best Dessert Brunch

Lincoln South Boston has it all - great food, friendly staff, and a well-designed space. They serve brunch, lunch, dinner and stay open at night transforming into a popular bar among the locals. Each Friday, this Southie hot spot has a test kitchen to try out new recipes on adventurous guests that they’ll review and potentially incorporate into their main menu if all goes well. If you go for brunch, try out their Fruity Pebble Pancakes. If you’re able to go on a Friday, see what the chefs are up to in the test kitchen and you won’t be disappointed. We had a Malt-orange chocolate shake from the test kitchen that was incredibly tasty. 


Lincoln Tavern & Restaurant
425 West Broadway
South Boston, MA 02127  

4. FoMu - Best Vegan Desserts

Everything in FoMu is made from scratch and is 100% plant based. They offer a variety of ice cream flavors, baked goods made fresh daily and they even create delicious ice cream cakes. The FoMu signature ice creams are made from coconut milk and natural sweeteners. We tried the Cookies and Cream ice cream with a brownie, fudge and sprinkles. Not only do they bake all of their own cookies and brownies, but they also use them as the add-ins for the ice cream to guarantee everything is fresh and plant based. For example, our Cookies and Cream ice cream had FoMu vegan Oreos crushed inside the coconut ice cream. It’s a very incredible place and a must-visit while in Boston. 

photo by contributor  sarah taub

photo by contributor sarah taub

655 Tremont Street
Boston, MA 02118

5. Flour Bakery - Softest Cookies

Flour Bakery was founded on the belief that delicious treats and fresh food can provide one of the simplest yet most important forms of happiness in life. Everything on the menu is made in their bakery including large soft cookies. We tasted multiple flavors and recommend any of them, especially the chocolate chip. They also have delicious Boston cream pie, muffins fresh from the oven, lemon curd cakes and more. 

photo by contributor   sarah taub

photo by contributor  sarah taub

Flour Bakery
30 Dalton Street
Boston, MA 02115

6. Toscanini’s - Homemade Ice Cream

Toscanini’s has been perfecting their ice cream for over 30 years. The family run business prides themselves on serving the best traditional and innovative ice cream flavors around. The shop always has over 32 flavors to offer including their famous Burnt Caramel flavor. And the best part is they offer free sprinkles!

image from  boston.com

image from boston.com

899 Main Street
Cambridge, MA 02139

7. Modern Pastry - Homemade Italian Bakery

A warm welcoming shop with the smell of sugar floating in the air, Modern Pastry is home to over 150 years of what they call “Old World” Italian recipes. The recipes for their pastries have been passed from generation to generation. Some of the chocolates they offer are imported from Italy, but most things in the shop are hand-made. They have traditional cakes, pastries, pies and more. 

photo from  sleep afloat

photo from sleep afloat

Modern Pastry
257 Hanover Street
Boston, MA 02113

8. Scampo - Most Delicious Fancy Desserts 

Everything about Scampo is classy. From their large wine-glasses and eloquently set tables to fresh bread made in the center of the restaurant, they pride themselves on offering high-class food and service. We tried two desserts, one with chocolate mousse and another with peanut butter. Both came with house-made ice cream and were a perfect combo of flavors. Anything on their dessert menu is fit for a queen. 


215 Charles Street (inside the Liberty Hotel
Boston, MA 02114

9. Taza Chocolate Factory - Freshly Made Chocolate

Ever wondered how chocolate is made? Take a visit to the Taza chocolate factory to see all of the work behind the scenes of making a delicious chocolate bar and eat a bunch of samples along the way. Taza has incredible bars with different levels of cacao and unique flavors. They also have an incredible hot chocolate. 

photo by  gilt

photo by gilt

Taza Chocolate
161 Windsor Street
Somerville, MA 02143

10. Cafe Madeleine - A Taste of France (best eclair)

Pastry Chef Frederic Robert named Cafe Madeleine after his mother, a french painter who brought passion and inspiration to all of her projects. The cute cafe has french pastries made from scratch each morning as well as lunch options and specialty coffee. Our favorite was the chocolate eclair a buttery pâte á choux shell filled with bittersweet Valrhona dark chocolate pastry cream and topped with the traditional chocolate fondant. 

photo by contributor  sarah taub

photo by contributor sarah taub

Cafe Madeleine
517 Columbus Avenue
Boston, MA 02118

11. Honeycomb Creamery - Small Batch Ice Cream 

Honeycomb Creamery is a craft ice cream shop that creates small batches of hand-made ice cream. Because the batches are small, they can experiment with unique flavors and combinations to see what customers like best. Honeycomb tries to utilize local and in-season ingredients. For example, all of their milk and cream come from cows raised at the Mapleline Farm in Hadley, MA without hormones and other bad things. Taste their ice cream cones or order a whole cake and the fresh and innovative flavors will keep you coming back for more. 

photo from  honeycomb creamery

Honeycomb Creamery
1702 Massachusetts Ave
Cambridge, MA 02138

12. Maria’s Pastry - Best Cannoli

Maria’s Pastry is famous in Boston for their cannoli’s and for a good reason. The shop crafts each cannoli with care and fills it with sweet sugary filling when you’re ready to eat it so that they don’t sit there all day. They have traditional flavors, or you can taste chocolate dipped cannolis. The pastry shop has many other treats to pick from, but definitely try out their specialty cannoli! 

photo from  nom nom cat

photo from nom nom cat

Maria's Pastry
46 Cross Street
Boston, MA 02113

13. Beacon Hill Chocolates - Specialty Truffles + Bars

On the quaint street of Charleston lies Beacon Hill Chocolates, a store filled with the most delicious artisan chocolates from around the world. The little store is filled to the brim with colorful chocolates offering everything from truffles to bars and even gelato. Beacon Hill sources all of their chocolate from small-batch creators in Belgium, Switzerland, France, Italy and more. They offer only the best of the best for all occasions. This little shop also has hand-painted chocolate boxes to help you customize the perfect batch of chocolates to take home or give to a friend. 


Beacon Hill Chocolates
91 Charles Street #1
Boston, MA 02114

14. ChipYard - Cutest Cookies

The Chipyard started with two brothers serving cookies in 1976 in a small abandoned taco stand. Now, you can find these tasty cookies in Faneuil Hall serving up tiny cookies the size of a quarter. But not to worry, you buy the cookies by the dozen so you’ll definitely be getting enough to snack on. Their flavors include traditional chocolate chip, chocolate chocolate chip, walnut chocolate chip, peanut butter chocolate chip and a few more. 

photo from  cpb gallery

photo from cpb gallery

The ChipyardFaneuil Hall Marketplace
North Market Street
Boston, MA 02109

15. Boston Burger Company - Most Outrageous Milkshakes

Go for the burger, stay for the milkshake. Boston Burger Company has incredible milkshakes, called the Freak Frappe, that will knock you off your feet. They change the menu seasonally, but each shake is thick with ice cream and topped with whipped cream and large slices of brownies, cake or other sweet things. Check their website or Instagram to see the newest milkshake. 

photo by contributor  sarah taub

photo by contributor sarah taub

Boston Burger Company
37 Davis Square
Somerville, MA 02144

16. J.P. Licks - Endless Flavors of Ice Cream

With over 20 flavors, you might think that J.P. Licks sacrifices quality for quantity. However, this is not the case. J.P. Licks has mastered the Boston ice cream scene, not only providing limitless choice but also creamy flavors that won’t disappoint. The staff is friendly and they let you sample as many flavors as you want so that you can end up with exactly what you’re looking for. We had the Cookies N Cookie Dough Crunch and Peanut Butter Chocolate chip in a sundae with whipped cream, hot fudge, peanut butter fudge and a reese’s on top. The best sugar overload we’ve ever had. 


J.P. Licks
150 Charles Street
Boston, MA 02115

17. Lady M - The Fanciest Cakes

Known for their green tea 20 layer crepe cakes, Lady M is the fanciest cake shop in Boston. Stroll down Newbury Street and stop in this lovely shop to taste delicately crafted cakes sold by the slice and by the cake. Lady M  is a renowned cake shop with stores in Japan and New York, among other top cities. The Boston location is the 10th spot to open. 


Lady M Cake Boutique
304 Newbury Street
Cambridge, MA 02115

Whether you’re looking for a fresh chocolate pastry to eat with your coffee or a mouth-watering dessert to devour after dinner, Boston has incredible dessert spots across the city. These were our favorite spots with friendly staff and incredible treats. Boston can now be known in your mind as a city filled with history, sports and chocolate desserts.