Taiyaki - A New Fish's in Town

Hidden on Baxter street in the depths of New York City is a small shop with the next big dessert. Follow your nose to the strong, sweet smell of fresh dough and ice cream. There's a new fish in town and it's called Taiyaki. 


"We're all from different parts of Asia, and we all came together because we love traveling back to our home country," one of the co-founders, Jimmy Chen, smiles as he greets food bloggers, friends and family the night before the launch. There's an energy in the small shop, an excitement that sits in the air as people take their first bite into the fish shaped ice cream stuffed treats.

Chen graduated NYU where he graduated with a degree in Sports Management. When he studied abroad in Shanghai, he realized that his passion lay in exploring new restaurants and trying new foods.  It looks like he'll be testing his management skills with food instead of athletes.  "We all love exotic foods. When I was studying abroad I gained fifteen pounds because I was trying different foods," says Chen.

A team of seven, the Taiyaki crew has come together over their love for food, travel, and culture. They've worked as a team to bring a traditional Japanese dessert that they discovered while traveling. It will be the first dessert shop in NYC dedicated to Taiyaki.


"So when we were in Asia we found this great dessert, and we had to bring it back. It was like a hidden treasure."

Taiyaki is a fish shaped cake sold by street vendors and restaurants in Japan and enjoyed regularly as a snack. Traditionally, it is filled with red bean paste made with sweetened azuki beans, but can also be found with custard or Nutella filling. 


The new Taiyaki shop in China Town takes this traditional cake, and serves it fresh with your choice of ice cream and toppings. 

"Bringing back a treat from Asia is a beautiful thing for us."