Boston Burger Co and The #FreakFrappe

While the Boston Burger Company is known for juicy burgers and a wide selection of beer, they have a secret weapon on their menu, the #freakfrappe.

“The [milkshakes] became #freakfrappes this past winter when I started playing around with some different ways to decorate the glasses.  I'm all about getting people excited and this was a perfect opportunity,” says Chuck Sillari, co-owner.

Photo by contributor  Sarah Taub

Photo by contributor Sarah Taub

The #freakfrappes are definitely freak-out worthy. Stacked high with whip cream, Oreos and brownies, Sillari and his team have taken simple milkshakes and turned them into masterpieces. Even the glasses are coated with candy, cookies and other delicious things.

 “The recipes and names are all trial and error.  Lot's of free frappes being handed out to guests for tasting and feedback.  That's the best part.  Meeting our guests and seeing what makes people happy," says Sillari.

The BBC wanted to find something its customers would enjoy, and they crafted something truly special with these over-the-top (literally) milkshakes. Sillari’s first memory of eating something chocolatey was his great Aunt Angie’s peanut butter cookies with a Hershey's Kiss in the middle. 

“This lady was hardcore.  She liked to swear, smoke butts and bake.  Her cookies were the best.  I still think about them today.”

The ability to create not only a great dessert, but something that lasts in people’s memories the way Aunt Angie’s cookies live on in Sillari’s is a goal all restaurants and dessert shops should aim for. It seems that the BBC has been getting pretty close with their #freakfrappes, spreading happiness and helping customers celebrate birthdays, anniversaries and ordinary dinners.

With three locations, Boston, Cambridge, and Somerville, the founders all work extremely hard to keep everything running smooth and create a friendly environement for their customers.

The most difficult part of starting my own restaurant group is not being able to be everywhere at the same time.  You always want to make sure the food looks right and your message is getting out there the right way.”

Sillari, along with his co-founders, have grown the Boston Burger Company into a dependable and well-known restaurant frequented by many in the area. He says that without his team, none of it would have happened.

 “The most rewarding part is knowing that we have a great team at the BBC and people are loving what we do.”

A great, team and great milkshakes. It can’t get better than that!