Flour Bakery

"Make life sweeter... eat dessert first" is Flour Bakery's motto and for good reason! While the bakery serves as everything from a place to take classes to a bustling lunch place, the true 'sweet spot' of Flour is with it's pastries and desserts. 

"[To create a recipe we] discuss the vision, reasearch similar pastries, find a starting point and make a small batch," says executive pastry Chef Nicole Rohde. "Then we taste test, make adjustments, test again, and again and again until you are happy." 

Photo by contributor  Sarah Taub

Photo by contributor Sarah Taub

Testing recipes is definitely a process until you find the perfect combination of ingredients. After making small batches that she is happy with, Rhode's then asks other pastry chefs and managers to taste test and give feedback. She says they test over and over again until the recipe isn't average, but mouthwatering! One of her favorite memories with chocolate involves testing a recipe. 

"[We tested] about 100 different kinds of chocolate for our chocolate chip cookies.  Every day I think we sampled 7-10 types until we narrowed it down to the specific flavor profiles we loved."

Rhode's favorite baked good from Flour to eat is the Lemon Meringue pie, but her favorite to make is the Butter Breton cake, a classic! While the pastry chefs and managers come from all over, they bond over making the goods at Flour perfect.

"Working alongside a talented and passionate group of people is my favorite part [about the whole thing.]"