Lick Honest Ice Cream Austin - Honest Ice Cream, Honest People

Lick Honest Ice Cream, a small hand-made artisan ice cream shop and online store based in Austin, Texas, has this unique and straightforward name for a reason: their ice cream is completely honest.

“Honest ice cream is, in essence, ice cream made with ingredients, care, and labor that we are proud of. All of the milk and cream used to make our ice creams comes from a single local dairy,” says co-founder Anthony.

Photo taken by contributor  Katie Reilly

Photo taken by contributor Katie Reilly

At Lick, all of the milk and cream used to make the ice creams come from one local dairy just 80 miles away so they can track the origin of everything they put into each batch.

“We know and truly respect the farmers and artisans who we source from.  We have the unique pleasure of witnessing our milk and cream as it journeys all the way from the cows to your scoops!”

Anthony and his partner, Chad, opened Lick Honest Ice Creams in 2011 to attempt and bring back the same delicious ice creams they enjoyed in the small towns they grew up in. Anthony grew up in Halletsville, Texas, and Chad is from Lancaster, Pennsilvania, where he once worked at an ice cream shop!

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“I have fond memories of making ice cream with my parents and grandparents with old hand-cranked machines. I dreamt about starting my own ice cream shop to do what nobody else seemed to be doing: serving ice cream flavors that tell the story of Texas,” says Anthony.

He remembers sitting in a big chair by the window in the living room of his grandparents’ house as a young child, eating a bowl of chocolate ice cream and savoring each bite. The passion and love for ice cream has inspired him even with things get tough.

“Our business model, which is dependent on mother nature, has always been a challenge.”

Anthony and Chad, along with the farmers they work with, have to manage the inconsistencies and surprises that mother nature throws their way. Sometimes, the produce they’d like to use in a flavor doesn’t have a good season, but they still have to figure out how to provide custumers with great flavors.

And great flavors don't stop at Vanilla and Chocolate at Lick. For example, Anthony’s all time favorite flavor is the Cilantro Lime.

“It was the first flavor that I created while living in Ohio.  I missed the flavors of Texas so much -- and this flavor is so Texas.  I also love our new fall flavors including Hazel's Pumpkin Pie -- nothing is better than my Granny Hazel's Pumpkin Pie-- Caramel Apple Cake and our new Coconut Pecan Rum Cake.”

Coming up with the recipes, ensuring that the farmers can provide the fresh ingredients and creating the ice cream is no easy feat especially in the beginning, when the only employees were Chad, Anthony and his sister.

“When we first opened and had just the one shop, I made all of the ice cream right there in the small kitchen in the back.  I would churn ice cream the entire time we were open and late into the next morning. The kitchen had a door with a window so that people could see in.

There was a couple that came in regularly and they'd open the door and say "You can do it!" on nights when we were just slammed. They could tell I was running low on energy and just seeing them so enthused about the ice cream and hearing them say those words honestly meant a lot.  I'll never forget that.”  Anthony and Chad are working hard to provide high quality, honest ice cream to everyone. They even have a way to ship incredible flavors to places all over the country.

"[We strive to create] ice cream that we feel good making and that everyone feels good eating!"

So head to Austin or order some online, when you take a lick you'll taste the honesty in each bite.