All about that "Good Mojo": An inside look at VooDoo Doughnuts

In a crusade to clarify the correct spelling of doughnuts once and for all (they are made from dough, not do), Tres and Cat Daddy, opened the first VooDoo Doughnuts shop in Portland, Oregon in 2003.  As good friends, Tres and Cat Daddy used to throw around business ideas to each other, finally deciding to pull the trigger after doing research and realizing the lack of doughnut shops in Oregon.

“Maintaining the culture as we grow. Being able to run a 24/7 business and continue to make customers happy and make sure our employees are being taken care of [are difficult aspects of owning our own business]. The most rewarding part is being able to be your own boss and being able to give back to the community.”  

Photo taken by contributor  Color Lee.  

Photo taken by contributor Color Lee. 

VooDoo Doughnuts now has multiple shops in Oregon as well as in Denver, Austin, and Taiwan with another location coming to LA this winter! Tres comes from a bar and music background while Cat Daddy worked in hospitality and as an announcer for local game shows, boxing events and Portland Organic Wrestling. When Cat Daddy tasted the brownies at the local supermarket when he was a kid, he loved them so much he wanted to open up his own sweet shop. The two, along with their employees, bring an interesting and fresh perspective to the food industry.

Photograph taken by contributor  Color Lee

Photograph taken by contributor Color Lee

 VooDoo Doughnuts sells more than just delicious fried and iced dough. It also has an incredible vibe that Tres and Cat Daddy call “good mojo”. With their signature pink walls and boxes with creative drawings, the doughnut shop draws people in for the delicious treats and the unique vibe. Their unique style is even reflected in their doughnut flavors.

“We are inspired by pop icons, everyday life and unique and wacky flavor combinations.  Our Bacon Maple bar is one of the most popular with the Portend Cream, Memphis Mafia, Old Dirty Bastard and of course our signature Voodoo Doughnut to follow.”